Thursday, March 24, 2016

What do you think of a project life cycle...? Well, whatever you think, you'd better check your idea against the global reference of project management maturity model, sec 2.4. It starts from point A and ends at B and runs along a series of phases until it is closed. Where is the cycle in that definition? Isn't a cycle a closed loop? I have objected to this idea that does imply a closure and means a serial process, there is no end meeting its start. Evidently this is a naive reading of the definition of life cycle or closure. The 18 months of the closeout phase of a project is not that fresh starting date, 18 months ago, project, people, and their collective memories have advanced a lot in the space of learning, doing differently better next time and of course, their ground where they built their project is moving all the time in spacetime, we say, we do not care about these things, that would be fine. But still we need to say what we really mean, why not say instead project life series? My point is with Ed Deming's plan-do-check-act (or plan-do-study-act) and the geometrical basis of the life cycle that is not talked about nor communicated. I have a conjecture that life cycle must be closed otherwise you could walk into the next project with more gaps and holes in your understanding, there are methods and processes to close this complete phase, even missed on the reference guide of project management. Geometrically you can say that Euler characteristic or (PM BOK model of project) life cycle is one, 1! I have explained my reasoning in my path finder paper.

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