Monday, July 18, 2016

Naturally occurring super conductors would imply super conductivity at natural temperature, better said, ambient (dry bulb) temperature, something possible or non sense? How could we ever rule out the possibility? What makes me to make this assertion?

Indeed, I know a little bit of Raymond Chiao's works in his efforts at a transducer for gravitational waves into super conductivity, a very profound thought of an experiment, in fact is is conceptually speaking, a simplicial construct, meaning, an object that (if meeting all algebraic definitions of a simplex) showing facets/faces also edges, to us, that also would harbor, correlations among field theoretic aspects of physics, come to think of super conductivity, a quantum mechanical phenomenon, best described in collective behavior physics, ie highly correlated systems (like Cooper pairs in  BCS theory of super conductivity) to be at all have direct relevance to a classical field theory like (Albert Einstein's) General Relativity, GR for short here. It will be an astounding finding, in my analysis, a non expert in both fields but purely inquisitive in the field, how a quantum fluid condensate like Cooper pairs (the phononic waves that carry heat, roughly speaking in a conductor) would be linked (phenomenologically speaking) to gravitational field physics.