Thursday, August 4, 2016

100 years since Ferdinand Saussure's major work in structural basis of our language. While thinking through the link between algebraic geometry and theory of signs, I met the foundational views of late Joseph Goguen's Algebraic Semiosis. I am still reading through his work, but the proposal for those curious about the algebra rules of systems theory of signs, semiotic, is thrilling.
We need to think and act about our end products, labeled as useless, the junk!

256 years since our much talked about industrial revolution, the same period to date also is found out after the facts to be an extremely rapid rise of global pollution, at all scales through impacts of technology and tools unheard of in our record history. Reign in Global Pollution using the latest we have from management, technology and stored knowledge farms. How to do it? The simplest is to start from homes. Quantify aggregated streams of trash production. Identify paths of reuse. Estimate loss to production industry. Understand the long term guarantee for profit vs. accelerated unforeseen effects of pollution of water, air, soil, habitats and growth of cities, etc. The knowledge gained from projection of our best data, models, and measurements and predictions should be used to act as brakes or of the similar order of multi wedges to add awareness to a vast global system that relies on the resources: Nature and its inhabitants. Bring responsible-accountable AI bots into the products and programs to align with the growing intelligence manufactured and forecasted to emerge.  

This is my partial pitch to MIT Solve...

I will follow up by connecting the dots, and relate this proposal to our second law of thermodynamics, if we care about the work done over a closed loop of energy/heat exchange with at least one reservoir, morally, the waste burden on the prime source of all of our energies, food to fuel, our planet, has to be factored in. Do we care?