Monday, December 5, 2016

I am reading this book after 72 years ago: I was reading the chapter of Erwin Schroedinger’s book, What is life?, where he assets that for mind, it is always now. Mind is one, he says, singulare tantum. If I say, his take on Mind and its independence from time is on a par with (what is attributed to) Emma Noether’s formulation of energy conservation, then it implies that mind is like that abstract quantity (in the words of Richard Feynman), 'energy', and time is simply (one of its infinite) symmetry: change mind in anyway respective to time, and you will end up finding the same mind! It is amazing to see such thinking from both Noether and Schroedinger, that in my view are meaningfully correlated. This is not me who is talking about mind, this is Erwin Schroedinger, his name is goes to the foundation of quantum mechanics.